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Chietom debuts at the 2023 iREX Japan International Robot Exhibition


As one of the world's largest, highest-level and most international robotics events, iREX 2023 has attracted nearly a thousand of the world's top robotics companies to participate in the exhibition, bringing the most comprehensive and advanced robotics technology and products to the audience, attracting visitors from robot manufacturers, research institutions and professionals from all over the world, and the total number of visitors exceeded 160,000.


The scale and technical level of this iREX exhibition are the largest in history, bringing a visual feast in the field of robotics to global audiences. Chietom debuted its CT-CRV series of high-precision cycloid reducer products for robot joints, demonstrating the company's technical advantages in the field of robot transmission technology.

During the exhibition, Chietom's products attracted the attention of many visitors. Relevant staff of our company also conducted in-depth exchanges and negotiations with many exhibitors, partners and professionals. These exchanges will further promote the promotion and application of Chietom's industrial robot joint reducer products and more innovative transmission solutions in the global market.

In recent years, Chietom has made major breakthroughs in theoretical design models and manufacturing processes, and has successfully achieved mass market sales of large-load reducer models such as 320CA, 450E, and 500P, such as Efort, Rokae, Peitian, Step Robots, CRP Robot, Inovance, Huashu robot, GAK robot, and Turin robot are supplied in batches, covering almost all first-tier domestic brands. The excellent performance and stable operation of our reducer products have won unanimous praise from professionals, providing a higher level of support for the motion control of industrial robots.

Chietom's joint reducer products adopt a high-precision gear transmission system, which can achieve precise motion control and high-speed response. At the same time, there is flexibility and customizability. The company provides customized solutions based on customer needs and application scenarios to ensure a perfect match between the product and the robot system. This flexibility makes Chietom's joint reducer products have broad market prospects in applications in various industries.


Chietom's successful appearance at the 2023 iREX Japan International Robot Exhibition further consolidated the company’s important position in the field of robot transmission technology. Our company will continue to be committed to innovative research and development, continuously improve product performance and technical level, strive to provide better robot transmission system solutions to global customers, and promote the development and application of robot technology.



Part of the images and text are reprinted from China Robotics Network