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R&D leader

Zhang Yueming, Master of Harbin Institute of Technology, Ph.D. of Tsinghua University, Postdoctoral Fellow of Beijing University of Technology, Professor of Beijing University of Technology; well-known domestic robot reducer, member of China Robot Industry Alliance Standard Group, Dean of Beijing Chietom-BJUT Intelligent Transmission Technology Research Institute, has been committed to the teaching and scientific research of gear meshing theory, mechanism and mechanism dynamics, digital design and manufacturing. Won: 4 major national science and technology projects, 1 national 863 project, 4 key support projects of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, 2 projects of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, a total of 11 vertical scientific research projects.


R & D team

The company has strong scientific research and technical strength. It has carried out in-depth cooperation with Beijing University of Technology in "production, learning, and research", and jointly established the "Precision Transmission Technology Research Institute". It has continuously invested a large number of funds in the field of basic research in precision transmission and has always maintained the industry foundation leading position in theoretical research. The research institute has not only gathered a large number of R&D elites and craftsman-level talents, but also hired academicians and well-known scholars as expert consultants. They have effectively guided and supported robot control, gears and precision transmission, digital manufacturing, mechanism theory and equipment technology. 


Precision manufacturing

The tailored world's top-level high-precision CNC production equipments ensure the stability and efficiency of high-precision batch processing. The self-developed processing technology and high-precision and high-efficiency clamping tooling ensure the high processing accuracy of components and high production efficiency. Self-developed assembly tools and self-developed tolerance distribution methods have improved the efficiency and accuracy of batch assembly work.


Quality assurance

Quality policy: Leading technology, high-quality goods, continuous improvement, pursuit of excellence
Quality target: 100% delivery time rate, failure rate ≤1%, customer satisfaction ≥85%
Each product is strictly tested and simulated for 6000 hours to ensure accuracy and reliability.
The professional test and inspection platform (for the National Evaluation Center for Standards) can evaluate the overall performance of the reducer and issue a test report.