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Beijing Chietom Precision Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. (Chietom) was founded in 2015. Chietom, located in Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, is a scientific R & D center of high-precision reducer and a national high-tech enterprise.

Chietom's products have been applied in industrial robots, high-precision machine tools, and construction machinery, etc. With strong customization and development capabilities, Chietom has already cooperated with global industry robot manufacturers.

Chietom is specialized in developing and manufacturing precision reducers applied in robot joints. With its expertise in precision transmission technology, Chietom is committed to providing reliable products with high accuracy, high rigidity, and strong bearing capability to the global industry robot manufacturers. Chietom will dedicate to providing excellent products and outstanding services to our customers around the world.

Chietom's R&D team is led by Professor Yueming Zhang from Beijing University of Technology. The team members come from both famous universities and top manufacturing enterprises in machine tools, automobiles and printing industries, etc. They have a wealthy experience in gear transmission and mechanical manufacturing, together with a track record of success in scientific innovation. Chietom started to design and develop precision reduction gears in 2015. With their vast experience in the industry and scientific advantage gained from collaborating universities, Chietom has made great achievements in optimizing product structure, gear tooth modification, manufacturing process,  and precise measurement, etc. In September 2018, Chietom officially started to manufacture precision reduction gear products. The company has an 8000 sqm facility for research and manufacturing. Currently, the annual production volume is 30,000 units, which is expected to reach 100,000 units in 2023. More than 10 models of Chietom's products (“CRV E” and “CRV C” series) have entered into both domestic and overseas markets. According to the testing reports from independent laboratory and customers, Chietom's products show superior quality with high accuracy, outstanding stability of precision, long service hours, and low noise through various tests. The company has already set up a collaboration with many industry robot manufacturers both in China and globally.

In the future, Chietom will continually work on achieving technology innovation. We will dedicate to providing excellent products and outstanding services to our customers around the world.