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Congratulations | Our company won Leaderobot’s 2023 Robot Reducer Technology Breakthrough Award


2023 is a year for the robotics industry to gain momentum and buck the trend.

The 4th China Robot Industry Annual Conference

In order to further promote innovation and collaboration in the robot industry, under the guidance of Zhejiang University Huzhou Research Institute and with the support of the Huzhou Municipal People's Government and relevant units, the 4th China Robot Industry Annual Conference and Leaderobot Robot Industry Awards Ceremony will be held in December It ended successfully in Huzhou, Zhejiang on the 8th. This event included five major sections: industry exchanges, industry docking, theme forums, exhibitions and awards ceremonies.



Leaderobot Robot Industry Awards Ceremony

The Robot Lecture Hall continues to track the development of the robot industry, paying attention to technological precipitation, corporate changes and industrial extension. The Robot Lecture Hall Leaderrobot Awards cover industry, technology and industry service categories to commend outstanding enterprises, university and institute teams and industry service organizations that have outstanding performance in China's robotics industry in the past year. It has been successfully held three times since its launch in 2019. It has been highly recognized by people in the industry.


The authoritative list of the "4th Leaderobot China Robot Industry Selection in 2023" initiated by Lide Think Tank and selected by the expert jury of the China Robot Industry Annual Meeting was announced. Chietom Technology won the "Leaderobot 2023 Award" by virtue of its leading advantage in the field of reducers. Robot Reducer Technology Breakthrough Award", and successfully listed in the "Top 50 Most Investment Valuable Enterprises in the Robot Industry in 2023".


This award is another recognition by the industry for Zhitong Technology’s technological innovation and market application in the field of robot reducers. In the future, our company will continue to promote iterative upgrades of core technologies, deeply explore customer application scenarios, enrich the reducer product matrix, optimize robot transmission system solutions, and further expand the market to drive quality, efficiency and intelligent development of the robot industry.