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Chietom Technology was listed as "WISE 2022 King of New Economy Enterprise of the Year"



The coming year 2022 will be an extraordinary year for new economic enterprises. Recently, the first new economic media in China, 36Kr WISE King of New Economy Conference, was successfully held as scheduled, among which the highly anticipated list of "WISE 2022 King of New Economy Enterprise of the Year" was announced. Chietom Technology has gone through many selections, and stood out among nearly 1,000 enterprises by virtue of its outstanding technological innovation ability and potential product market share in the field of precision transmission and motion control, and won the award of "WISE 2022 King of New Economy Enterprise of the Year (Advanced Manufacturing-Parts and Equipment)".


Since the first WISE conference was held in 2013, WISE in 36Kr has ushered in a decade. With the increasing scale and influence, 36Kr WISE Conference has become one of the largest and most influential annual new economic industry summits in China, and is known as the weather vane for looking forward to China's new economy. As one of the most influential economic lists in China, the list of "WISE2022 Annual Enterprises of the King of the New Economy" is selected for startup companies and listed companies in the new economy whose business models and profit models have been well verified, and among them, the enterprises with the greatest potential to become the head of the future industry are selected.


In 2022, Chietom Technology continued to take innovation as the primary productive force to speed up product research and development and innovation, constantly improve product quality and accelerate the iterative upgrading of products, and continuously push forward the development of China's manufacturing industry. Relying on its outstanding performance in product value, industrial capacity and other aspects, Chietom Technology successfully won the "WISE 2022 King of New Economy Enterprise of the Year".


For many years, Chietom Technology has been aiming at promoting the development process of localization of industrial robot precision reducers. Since its establishment, Chietom Technology has successfully broken the passive situation that robot joint reducers mainly rely on imports, increased the domestic market share of domestic precision reducers, and devoted itself to creating national independent brands of reducers to improve the market competitiveness of industrial robots in China.


Relying on the layout of technology and products, Chietom Technology focuses on the actual scene needs of customers, constantly expands the application boundary of products, and gradually realizes the full scene customer coverage of precision transmission. Chietom Technology has provided targeted and mature solutions for industrial robots, precision machine tools, construction machinery, construction machinery and other fields that need precision transmission and motion control, and has matured, and its value gains have been recognized by the industry.


The theme of this conference in 36Kr is defined as "Long China Long Innovation Watch China and Keep Innovation". As the theme of this year's WISE conference, this entrepreneur's eternal mission conveys to us the idea that no matter how difficult the environment is, don't be eager for quick success and instant benefit. Only being down to earth and persisting in innovation is the belief and strength that advanced manufacturing enterprises such as Chietom Technology should stick to for a long time. This time, being selected as the King of New Economy Enterprise of the Year is not only an affirmation of Chietom 's hard strength in science and technology, but also a high recognition of Chietom 's adherence to the advanced manufacturing field, high-quality development, and the steady advancement of the industry.


In the future, Chietom Technology will continue to take innovation as the driving force, give full play to the role of industry leader, continuously improve the quality of enterprise products, speed up product iteration, continuously improve the service quality of existing enterprises while continuously improving product performance and reliability, fully empower the development process of localization of precision reducers, and continuously contribute to the development of advanced manufacturing industry in China.