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Chietom has completed hundreds of millions of equity financing.


Cheitom has recently completed hundreds of millions of equity financing. Investors include E-town Investment、Zhiyou Scientist Fund、Jingcheng Machinery Electric、Enrich-capital、Huiyan Investment、Jianfa Fund、Coastal-capital、Ruice-capital、Xinke-capital, etc.

This round of financing will help Chietom to accelerate the research and development process in the frontier fields of robot precision transmission such as mechatronic module products, bionic mobile robot reducer products, and hypoid robotic arm products. At the same time, it will also accelerate the scale application and overall layout of Chietom’s high-precision cycloidal pinwheel reducer in the field of industrial robots and automation and strengthen the research and development of precision planetary reducer products in the fields of engineering machinery and construction machinery.