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Warm Celebration Chietom Technology Shenzhen Office Was Formally Established

In October 2021, in order to better develop domestic and foreign markets, after Chietom Technology-Suzhou Office, Chietom Technology-Guangzhou Office, Chietom Technology-Zhongnan Office, Chietom Technology-Shenzhen Office has also Formally established. As a national high-tech enterprise, our company will usher in a more superior market development environment and a more open industry exchange platform in Shenzhen, which has a strong atmosphere of technology and innovation development.

The Pearl River Delta is the most dynamic and innovative place in China. It has a unique geographical environment and talent advantages. After years of development, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other places have become important places for scientific and technological innovation, R&D and manufacturing in China. The establishment of the Shenzhen office is an important step in our company's global vision. As the capital of science and technology, Shenzhen is also an important window for our country to the world. It can not only provide our company with more opportunities for in-depth exchanges with domestic and foreign friends, but also It will help our company accelerate the expansion of overseas markets.

Chietom Technology-Shenzhen Office and Chietom Technology-Guangzhou Office will strive to build an industry benchmark for industry services in South China. While providing high-quality products, it will provide customers in the region with more timely and better after-sales services.

Chietom Technology-Shenzhen Office welcomes domestic and foreign customers to come to discuss cooperation at any time, and welcome friends from the industry to come and guide!