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Precautions For Unpacking The Reducer

Please check the product information label pasted on the packing box , and whether the name and model of the product are consistent with the ordered product . Check the top and bottom direction of the packing box and unpack it .


1. When transporting the reduction gear , take extra care so that it will not fall down or topple over . A fall of the reduction gear could cause injury to the workers or damage to the reduction gear.

2.  Before using this product , check the contents of the packing box and confirm that all the ordered items are included.

3. After unpacking the product , Take extra care so that no foreign matter adheres to the reduction gear when it is installed in the customer's equipment and filled with lubricant. If foreign matter adheres , it may lead to deterioration of reduction gear performance and also to deterioration of durability or premature damage .

4. The reduction gear is coated with rust prevention oil before shipping . Therefore , if it is used as it is , the rust prevention oil could ooze from the bolt hole or flange mating face during operation . In addtion , the rust prevention oil makes the reduction gear slippery . Wipe it off as necessary before use .